Doing it for your damn self.

You don't need a significant other to do a boudoir shoot. In fact, I prefer when a client is doing the session just as a gift to herself. It may seem counterintuitive; taking photos in your underwear to empower yourself.

As women in a society that profits from our self-loathing, we're taught to cover up or we won't be respected. We learn to pick apart our bodies from a young age and be dissatisfied with any part that doesn't mirror the models in magazines or on social media.

Stripping it all away during a boudoir session gives you a chance to say F*ck it! F*ck your beauty standards. This is me - I fully love and accept myself. Your session isn't about what a man finds sexy - it's about what makes you feel sexy. Boudoir (at least the way I approach it) isn't about lingerie. It's about what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Sexy for some women might be strappy, black lingerie, for others it's jeans and a t-shirt and some prefer to wear nothing at all. Whatever makes you feel like a badass, that's what I want to photograph you in. Those are the pictures you should have of yourself, that you'll look at for years to come and say "f*ck yeah - that's me."


Syracuse Boudoir Photography Studio